Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moms List - what a great idea!

I recently came across Moms List after browsing a few blogs from SA Mom Blogs - it's a marketplace to buy or sell baby goods.  No wait, it's a whole lot more than that!  It's a social platform - so you can follow your Facebook friends or specific sellers or buyers.  You can rate people that you trade with, which builds a foundation of trust.

This is the first of its kind in SA, focusing specifically on pre-loved (don't you just love that word? So much nicer than second-hand or 'used' - pre-loved means so much more!) baby goods, clothes, toys, and now even branching out into other categories that us moms are interested in such as fashion, spa's, getaways and restaurants.

What makes this method of buying and selling online so much easier, is that you can download the app on your phone.  It's user-friendly and beautifully designed!

I downloaded the app and registered within minutes, and then had fun browsing the different categories!  I'm already busy making a list of all the goodies I'd love to sell - most of the baby things are still being used, but as soon as Ella outgrows her pram, high chair, ride-on bikes, cot and compactum, I sure am going to have a lot of fun decluttering and making use of Moms List!

Highly recommended for sure.  Check it out!

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