Monday, July 20, 2015

The things I want my daughters to remember

It happens sometimes, when I'm doing something, like muttering "f#ckit" when I'm frustrated, saying "aaaaargh" under my breath when I'm impatient, pouring a glass of wine at the end of the day, or reaching for another [and another] piece of chocolate, that I hear a voice inside my head saying, "they're watching, they're listening, they're remembering..."

Now I can't remember anything at all about being one year old.  I do remember bits and pieces of being almost-five-years old though.

These are the things I want my daughters to remember, when they think back on their childhood one day:

 ~ All the millions of hugs and kisses they get every day
 ~ How I tell them that they are beautiful every day
 ~ How I just stop and stare at them in awe and tell them they are wonderful
 ~ That we love to laugh and laugh and laugh
 ~ That their daddy and I love to hug and kiss each other and hold hands and sit close to each other
 ~ Reading books together, lots and lots of books, over and over again
 ~ That their daddy and I talk nicely to each other
 ~ That we relish special family time together
 ~ That we eat supper together at the table every night
 ~ How we put the music real loud and dance together and sing together
 ~ Picnics and tea parties
 ~ Movie nights in our pajamas
 ~ Special family holidays
 ~ Special times with Granny and Oupa, and Oumi and Oupi
 ~ Singing in the car
 ~ Morning snuggles and cuddles
 ~ Bedtime stories
 ~ Candlelit baths
 ~ That birthdays are special
 ~ How I tell them to just be themselves, because they're perfect just the way they are
 ~ How we tell them to be kind, honest and gentle
 ~ That we respect people, and pets, and belongings
 ~ Soft kisses on cheeks
 ~ Afternoon naps together
 ~ How much smiles and kind words mean
 ~ Asking them to choose what they would like to do that's lots of fun for them
 ~ Saying yes to random requests like "can we paint now" or "can we bake cookies now"
 ~ That friends are important but family comes first
 ~ That if anything ever makes them feel uncomfortable, they must just walk away
 ~ How we value communication

What wonderful memories we're trying to make for our two special girls...  Yet, how many times do I get it wrong, when I spend too much time looking at my phone, or when I tell them to "hang on, I just need to reply one email", or when I look at them with a look of frustration, or speak to them in too harsh a tone of voice...  And they remember those moments too...

Let's just hope that the good times override the bad!


  1. Oh I miss those afternoon naps together.... Love your list

    1. Thanks cat!
      Oh yes @ afternoon naps, blissful!!

  2. Can identify. Love that quote as well.

    1. That quote is just perfect, isn't it!!

  3. I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing this. :)

    1. Glad it's normal! ;-)
      Thanks for popping in.

  4. Replies
    1. Aw thanks, I like this list, good to sometimes remind ourselves of what we're doing right!

  5. Replies
    1. Aw thanks Kim! Nice to see you here, have missed you on the blogs!!

  6. Your daughters will absolutely remember all the lovely things, plus that they have the most awesome, inspiring and beautiful mommy ever! xx

    1. Aw thanks for beautiful words my special friend! ♥


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