Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Product Review: New Pampers Pants

I am taking part in Pampers campaign to launch their new unisex Pampers pants.  I've always been a "Pampers Mom", preferring the Pampers brand above any others that we've tried.

Pampers sent me a pack of pants to try out on Ella, so that I could share feedback, and I had lots of fun doing a little mini photo-shoot with her! Madly in love with this lil person. ♥

A couple of reasons why these pants are awesome:
     ♥  The pants are very easy to use, and the design contains an extra "sleep-layer", to absorb wetness and distribute it evenly across the core of the pants to ensure long-lasting dryness for the lil bums.
     ♥  The pants fit really well! They're stretchy and comfy.  They adapt well to baby's movements to ensure a good fit all the time, whether sleeping, crawling, sitting or walking.
     ♥  I love that these pants really aren't bulky at all, I'm sure it must feel as good for baby as it looks!
     ♥  The feeling of the pants are soft and breathable.  They're quick and easy to slip on baby, and so easy to take off as well, either pull down like pants, or the seams on the sides are easily torn if the need to take the nappy off that way arises! ;-)

I love that this campaign is called "happy sunshine morning" - it has extra meaning to me, because when I walk into Ella's room in the morning, the first thing I say to her happy smiling face is, "good morning sunshine!"

Since trying out these new pants, we haven't experienced any leaks, I'm so happy that Ella can experience the aim of Pampers - trusted dryness!

 Look out for the new Pampers unisex pants in the shops soon.  This is a must-have!

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  1. Awwwwww at the squishy baby bottom <3 <3 <3
    Can't wait to try mine! Have lost a bit of faith in Pampers this time around, so hoping these cute nappies restores it! xx

    1. Oooh Debs I do hope these pants restore your faith in them, really liking them!

  2. Aw man, look at those chubby little legs. Jess, Ella is too precious
    Yes, I always preferred Pampers. Someone gave me some Huggies when Liam was born and they were like cardboard, so "unbendy" if that's a word.

    1. Isn't she just squishable!!
      Yes, I hear you RE other nappies feeling unbendy!!


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