Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5th Wedding Anniversary Weekend ♥

Wyn and I went to the Palazzo Hotel at Monte Casino for the weekend.  29th September marked our 5th wedding anniversary! 

My inlaws came to stay at our house to look after Mia.  We used our Vitality travel benefits through Discovery to book at the Palazzo, getting the accommodation at a whopping 45% discount - awesome!!

We arrived late Friday afternoon.  Booked in, checked out the room, and then went for a stroll through Monte Casino, stopping for a glass of wine at one of the streetwalk cafe's.  Then back to hotel, got our luggage brought to the room, changed into evening clothes, and back to Monte Casino for supper at The Meat Co.  Porcupine Ridge Merlot, Haloumi cheese starter and fillet steak main - divine - no space left for dessert!

We wanted to book a show for the following evening - there was a Marc Lottering comedy show on.  Unfortunately it was fully booked.

Saturday morning we slept til after 8 - blissful!  So strange to be so lazy and not have a million things to try and get done.  Went for breakfast at about 10, and saw a couple of Springbok rugby players - I wouldn't have recognised them if it weren't for Bryan Habana - I don't really know them very well!

Then we went for a stroll through the Bird Garden.  It's really nice!  Watched a bird show, and checked everything out.  Saw a bat sucking his winkie.  Yes.  So strange!!  And got chased by a guinea fowl, hahaha!  So that was quite eventful.  Then back to the hotel, and sat on the terrace and each had a cocktail - still too full from breakfast to have lunch!  Then we were debating whether we wanted to go watch a movie or have an afternoon nap...  The afternoon nap won!

The room is so dark if we close the curtains - we decided to set an alarm to wake us in two hours, else we might sleep through to the next morning!!

Then got dressed up for our anniversary dinner at La Scala restaurant.  I had specified that we want a special table as it's our anniversary - when we arrived, we got presented with a glass of complementary champagne, and I got given a bunch of flowers!  Really special.  Had a starter of minestrone soup and a main of chicken penne - had been planning on profiterols for dessert, but had no space!  I must really learn to only eat half the main course so that I can have dessert!!

After that, back to the hotel, and opened our bottle of wine that we'd brought along - Alto Rouge.  Sat on the bed watching a movie (Bakgat 2, hahaha!), eating choccie and drinking vino.  Heavenly!

Sunday morning we got up lazily again, had breakfast, and checked out at precisely 11am - checkout time.

So nice that it only took us half an hour to drive home!

Was awesome to give and receive the biggest hug ever from Mia.  She had a wonderful time with her Oumi and Oupi and they enjoyed her very much too.

It was a super special weekend.  ♥


  1. Oh wow, it looks awesome. I am so glad that you had a good time :)

    And of course congratulations to you guys on your anniversary!!

  2. Looks & sounds amazing :-) Nothing nicer than a bit of quality time with our hubbies :-)
    PS. You are so good with remembering to take photos! LOL I always forget!

    1. Thanks so much T! Hehe, thank goodness for better-quality cameras on cellphones - these are all taken with my phone! :-)


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