Monday, October 29, 2012

Teething, Painting and Singing

A bit of an update in Mia's world is due!  :-)

She's busy cutting her last molars.  Number 17 and 18 are through, two more to go. She got both molars on the left side first, top and bottom - all along I've been waiting for the bottom right one to come through, and meanwhile the left top one came through, amidst fevers and niggles and bad sleeping patterns that I just couldn't understand.  Now for the last two.  Eish!!

Mia loves painting.  It's a bit messy, so I'm reluctant to bring out the paints at every opportunity - but that doesn't bother her, she just paints with water, and if I don't give her water, she makes a plan: spits her juice out into her painting cup, and proceeds to paint with her juice!  And not just paper... Her toys get painted too! Sticky, sticky, sticky...  If Mia wants me to also "paint" with her, she tells me, "mommy, have some paintbrush!"

At bedtime, while I rub some cream on her, I sing a special song.  "You are so beautiful" by Joe Cocker.  I've done this for quite a while - long ago Mia already started singing the "meeeee" part along.  Recently, however, she can sing the whole verse of "you are so beautiful to meeeeeee, oh can't you seeeeeeee!" And she goes so high and off tone and it's just the most special precious beautiful thing I've ever heard in my whole life.



  1. Cute man, what a beautiful song too. Now I've got it in my head.
    Is that what Liam is doing when he spits his tea in his plate? Painting? Hmmmm

    1. Hehe, yes, it is a song that tends to stick in one's head!

      Oh LOL so much @ is that what Liam's doing - yes, i think it's a toddler thing, hehehe!

  2. Bring on those last 2 teeth!! The relief once they are all out is just bliss ;)

    I love that Mia is singing with you, how sweet. And I agree with Helen, now that song is stuck in my head!!

    I have seen an awesome easel with built in paint pot holders and sheets of paper on the "canvas section" that you just tear off when you are done and then there is a nice new sheet of paper. It is at Khoki in Randridge Mall. Have you seen them?

  3. Can't wait for that relief of all the toofies being out!

    Oooh no, haven't seen those easel things, that sounds so so cool! Will have to make a plan to get to Randridge Mall.

    I remember colouring books that you could paint with water, the ink was in the colouring page picture itself - haven't seen these in aaaages tho.


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