Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Parent24 Blog

I originally started blogging in January 2010, when I had just found out that I was pregnant.  I wanted to track my pregnancy journey, and then everything that would come thereafter - the rollercoaster ride of being a parent, and being as frustrated as I'd never have thought I could have been and loving more than I knew my heart to be capable of.

Unfortunately, the blog platform that I had been on, changed to a new format that I just really couldn't adjust to - it was not as user-friendly as I had been used to, the community feeling got lost, and I just realised I was blogging less and less and feeling quite unhappy about it.

Thus this new blog was created, and I'm super happy with it!

I copied many of my old blog's entries into Word Documents, so as to be able to keep them in some way - and some of them got added to this blog, in the different categories under the heading.

However, for reference, I would like to share the address here too:

Blogger rocks, tho! :-)


  1. Hey Jess, so nice to find you again! I have also moved to WP, couldn't deal with P24 format. Wow, can't believe Mia Mooi is 2!! Where has the time gone? Congrats!

    1. Oh yay, thank you for finding me! :-)

      I know, time has just totally flown by - but am enjoying this stage so much, she's super precious!

      Gonna squiz your blog now.


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