Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This and that and everything!

I feel like doing a rambling update today. Life has been busy. Hmm, where to start?

Domestic worker issues:
Ever since our domestic worker of 6 years, Celia, became ill last year September, her daughter has been working for us.  She's very sweet, but she's just not cut out for this kind of work, never having done any domestic work before, and although she has her own children, I wasn't happy with her way of looking after Mia - sitting on the couch in front of the tv, even after I gave her a list of activity ideas.  I've known for a while, that it just can't carry on this way, the house gets cleaned on the surface, but gosh, look a bit deeper and there are cobwebs and dust all over. I'm also not convinced how well she will look after baby Ella, if she's not keen on stimulating a 3-year old, then she'll have a whale of a time with a small baby who does nothing!

Last week I decided I need to cut the ties, so gave her a letter giving her one week's notice stating that her temporary contract will not be renewed.  I feel sorry for her, I know financially it's going to be a struggle for her family now, and I hope she can find another job soon.  She's already very attached to Mia, and Mia is comfortable with her and likes her, so I do feel heartsore, but it needed to be done.  She finishes off tomorrow.

I asked a few of my clients if they knew of anybody looking for work.  Someone immediately gave a referral of a lady that I met with, and although she was wonderful and I was very excited about her - her current salary is very high, we just couldn't match it.  Then on Monday another client sent another referral, a lady looking for full-time work, very friendly, lots of experience, well-spoken, good reputation.  She's starting on Monday, and we'll do a trial month for the duration of February.  I really hope she's the one!!  I'm quite excited about having someone here 5 days a week, just to keep the house in order, I really feel so jaded when it gets untidy - and a big reason - I will be able to accommodate clients through-out the week and not be limited to the days that someone can look after the kids.  Hopefully this works out, it's really not nice to dismiss somebody!

My hubby:
Wyn is on a mission to cultivate some hobbies.  He's bought a motorbike!  I'm not a big fan of motorbikes, but he's been speaking about wanting one for a long time, and not sure what triggered the action, but he's gone ahead with his plan, and will get his bike towards the end of April.  Oh well, if it makes him happy...
Also, he bought a beer-brewing starter kit, he's going to make his own beer! I can only laugh and shake my head...
He's only in his early-thirties, what on earth is he going to do when he hits his mid-life crisis?!
But apart from his boys-and-their-toys shenanigans, he really makes me so happy.  He's my best friend, the love of my life. He makes me double over with laughter every day. We have such a good, solid relationship, I feel very blessed and content.

Mia Mooi:
Third week of school, and Mia's settling in nicely.  She loves her teacher, and when I drop her off in the mornings she runs ahead of me to get to class.  When I fetch her, she shows me her artwork, or shows me what she's playing with, and she says, "I had a nice day today!", which makes my heart so happy!
She's such a sensitive little girly girl, very tuned into my mood and reactions.  She loves hugs and cuddles just as much as I do.  She's such a helper girl, dragging her chair everywhere I am so that she can help me with supper preparation.
Getting super independent too, wanting to do so many things herself.
She's beautiful, wonderful and clever, I continue to be in awe of her every day.

Ella Jill:
Pregnancy is going well - but way too fast for my liking, goodness! I'm 27 weeks already.
I'm loving the preggy bump so much, which is really growing lots now - will do a piccie again soon.  I had a few days of feeling a bit anxious as I wasn't feeling her kick as much as I'd been used to, but she's obviously lying inwards or something, as every now and then she does make her presence known with some kicks and pokes.
I need to sort out my to-do and shopping list...
Her room is coming along nicely, only big things we need are the curtains that mom-in-law is making, and then a new mattress and bedding for the cot.

My business:
My skincare centre has been quite quiet - but January usually is a quiet month, people don't have money for salon treatments, and they're so busy getting back into normal routine.  I'll think of a nice special to run for February to get more feet in again.
I like that I'm not TOO busy - it's nice to be flexible, to be able to go to town, to just spend time with Mia, or just read a book.  But - no clients means no money, and that's no fun either.  So hoping to find a nice happy medium soon and not be too quiet at work.  Also hoping that the new kids and baby range of AcornKids products can boost my business a bit.

Me in general:
Been procrastinating way too much lately. Been eating too many choccies too. Oops.
But - I'm happy and content. ;-)



  1. Oooh, domestic issues are bad. I also have a DG that cleans the top of things. I just look the other way. She irons and does a reasonably good job and she has never stolen or asked for anything extra. Have you thought of maybe sending Ella to a playschool at a younger age than you sent Mia Mooi?? In hindsight I wish I had done that for Liam, but I was always worried about the quality of playschool out there. Where he is now is perfect and if I had known about them sooner I would've sent him earlier.
    LOL and the home beer brewing kit. Men hey. I'm also not too keen on motorbikes. DH and Liam saw a little quad bike in the park and now Liam keeps asking for one *shaking head*
    Yay for Mia settling in a playschool. It takes some of the little ones quite a while. Sounds like an excellent place.
    I can't wait for Ella Jill to make her appearance. She sure has very loving parents, lucky girl. I remember Liam had his bum under my ribs from week 26 and didn't move until birth, 10 weeks later. He used to do a roll and end up in the same place. No kicking. I do miss my pregnancy bump, it made a handy tray whilst eating on the couch, hehe.
    Read my latest blog about a blossoming (not so much) beauty salon opening soon (or not) - *sigh*.
    Chocolates? If no one sees you they don't count LOL
    Keep well Jess, big hugs to all

    1. I think we will probably send Ella earlier than we did Mia - but will first wait and see how it goes. This playschool Mia's at now, takes kids from 2 years, so might do that.
      Also super excited for this lil body to arrive - but wait, still have a couple of things to do, hehehe.
      Thanks, gonna head on over to your blog quick.
      Thanks for popping in Helen, appreciate it so much!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Sorry about the issues with the domestic worker, I hope the new lady works out brilliantly - been wondering why you have been pinning do many home organisation pins lately ;) (I could probably stand to have a look at a few of those lol)

    I don't even know what to say about the hobbies lol, currently my home is filled with all sorts of weird and wonderfully expensive board games, before that it was magic cards, and before that xbox and pc games (well we still have all those things they just don't get used anymore). At least the motorbike and beer brewing kit can stay in the garage, you may have a problem if he starts to bring them into the house!

    Both your girls are growing beautifully. Mia is such a big girl now and Ella hitting 3rd trimester (is that at 27 or 28 weeks? I can't remember).

    Best of luck with the all the business going on's!!


    1. Thanks, also hope the new lady is gonna work out - Wyn said I mustn't bombard her with my Pinterest lists on the first day, i'll send her running down the street, LOL!

      Think 3rd trimester is between 28 and 29 weeks, actually not too sure either, will wait and see what BabyCentre weekly email tells me, hehe.

  3. You sure had a jam-packed January with hubby's new hobbies, Mia starting playschool, domestic worker issues, your new business venture and on top of it all baking a new baby as well! That's not procrastination, my dear friend, that's the opposite! xx

    1. Oh LOL, my darling friend, you know just how to make me feel better about myself!!! ♥ Thanks for a special comment.


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