Sunday, January 12, 2014

My brother's wedding ♥

My brother got married yesterday!  I am so happy for him, they make a wonderful couple, they're so in love and so well-suited.

The wedding was at a beautiful venue between Harties and Magaliesberg, Green Leaves.  Everything was done so nicely, beautiful décor, music, delicious food, happy atmosphere - just perfect and special.

I'll let the piccies tell the rest of the story!


  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful wedding! And the bridal couple looked extraordinary! Beautiful pics of the whole family - and love how good you and Mia are looking in your beautiful dresses. Special day! xx

    1. Haha I said BEAUTIFUL a whole lot, but it's the truth :-D

    2. Thanks Debs - they really did make a super stunning couple, can't wait for their pro photos. Super special. Thanks - Mia looked adorable! ;-)
      Hehe @ "beautiful" a lot - but like you say, it's the truth! ;-)


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