Tuesday, February 18, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant!

1.  How far along are you now? 30 weeks today!

2.  When is your due date? 29 April 2014

3.  What has been your preggy high this week? Thursday's scan was wonderful.  She's a petite lil thing! Bless! 
Been making some progress with preparation in her room - sorted through all Mia's old baby clothes, have given away the things I don't want to re-use, and washed all the things that can be used - clothes, blankets, cot linen.

4.  What has been your preggy low this week? Very sore round ligament pain in my sides, like a tight spasm.  Helps if I massage the area, but often causes me to double over in pain!

5.  What is your current over-riding emotion? Less anxious about my to-do list, feeling more in control of that.  Now starting to feel impatient, I want to meet this little person!

6.  What is on your list of things to do in the next month regarding preparation for baby?  Getting curtains from mom-in-law this weekend, yay! Need to paint the canvas I've planned.  Wash pram and car seat.  Wash and sterilise all baby toys.

7.  What is your current craving? Watermelon. Chocolate. Baby marrows.

8.  How are you feeling physically? Hmm, getting quite uncomfortable at this stage, I must admit.

9.  How are you feeling emotionally? Content.

10.  How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage? Great. My rock, realist and voice of logic!

11.  How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point? It's going by so fast, yet at the same time I can't wait for her to arrive!

12.  How much does baby weigh/measure at the moment? 1.2kg at 29 weeks, as opposed to Mia weighing 1.7 at 30 weeks! Little precious.

13.  How much weight have you gained to date?  I've put the scale away!!!

14.  What is the nursery room theme and what have you done for the nursery recently?  Grey and pink.  Will share pics as soon as curtains are up!

15.  What are the latest baby-related items you have bought or got given? Special clothes from some friends, can't wait to dress her up in them!  I've been buying some essentials like Telament drops, bum cream, nappy bin liners, etc.

16.  What are you looking forward to? With just two months to go, I want to savour this me-time that I have in the mornings while Mia's at school...  Looking forward to my babyshower that my sis, mom and mom-in-law are planning for middle March. Lucky girls, Ella and I!

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  1. Kan regtig nie glo hoe vinnig tyd vlieg nie! Wow, 30 weke!

    It's so exciting!

  2. Oh my hat, Jess, you're looking so so good - so radiant and beautiful! Can't believe you're 30 weeks already... every time I read your preggy updates I gulp and remember that this will be me in another 4 weeks time!
    So glad all is well with little Ella and her stunning mommy. According to a average fetal length and weight chart I have she is actually spot-on with her weight, although Jamie was also much bigger at that stage.
    Just another few weeks to go wooohooo!

  3. You look gorgeous :-) Great update!

  4. You look stunning Jess! can't wait to see piccies of Ella's room.


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