Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Birthday Traditions

I love creating special moments and memories for my family.  One way of doing this, is having specific traditions for special occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas time.  I did a post about our Christmas traditions here, but haven't done a b'day one yet, and now that Mia's birthday month has arrived and it's on my mind, I thought to share our birthday traditions too.

Here's my Birthday Traditions board on Pinterest from where I have sourced quite a lot of inspiration!

I make a countdown calendar of sorts, the last two years I started about 10 days before her birthday, with stickers on her wall that she could remove.

I do a "yearly interview" with Mia - here's her 3 year-old interview and here's the 4 year-old interview.  I just love this and can't wait to start with Ella, probably also only when she turns 3.  I put these into a file with a birthday photo.  I love thinking of us looking through these files together one day!

Each year I buy a beautiful birthday card for the birthday girl, and write a love letter to her in it.  I seal it, and put it away in her memory box.

Birthday girl wakes up to balloons in her room.  This is just so much fun - as much for me, having to hide the helium balloons from them the night before, and then creeping into the room to put the balloons there, and then waiting for them to wake up in the morning and hear the pure excitement when they see the balloons!

Opening prezzies on our bed, all together.

Cupcakes for breakfast! With candles, of course.

Special tea party or dinner with family members that live nearby.

Take lots of photos with the birthday girl.

We do a yearly family photoshoot with Karin Meiring, I just love doing this, because it's so seldom that we get piccies of all four of us together.

Some more traditions I haven't started yet but would love to:

Paint a special picture each year and label it with their age
Measure their height each year - need to get a nice chart to do this!

What birthday traditions do you have?


  1. Awesome birthday traditions, Jess!
    I also want to start a memory box - such a good idea. I've got my blog where I write to them, but you never know what can happen to cyberspace, so I need to figures something out. Love your idea of a memory box, will just have to make it a BIG one!
    Love your yearly family shoots with Karin!

    1. Ah yes, definitely do a memory box! Thanks, also just love our photoshoots with Karin, already looking forward to this year's one coming up.

  2. Jess, you are like the best mommy ever.
    You sure are creating special memories for your girlies

    1. Aw Helen, thanks for best words ever! Mwah


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