Monday, September 14, 2015

Countdown to Mia's 5th Birthday!

Mia turns 5 in a week!

I made a birthday countdown for her.  She chose a Barbie theme for her party this year, so I cut out a couple of the Barbie silhouette pictures and wrote the number of days left, in the middle of it.  Then I stuck them to decorated pegs and put them on a round cardboard.  Easy peasy and Mia was so happy with it!  It's the first thing she does every morning, take a peg off.

We started the countdown at 15 sleeps to go.

Today, only 6 sleeps to go!

Party planning is in full swing, for the weekend after her birthday.  Really excited about the pink and black colour scheme, think it's going to look so pretty.

My sister designed the beautiful invitation:

What fun, yay!


  1. Oh Jess, you amaze me with all the little projects you do for the girlies

  2. That looks great Jess! Love the pink and black!


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