Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mia's Barbie Party ♥

Another party done and dusted!  It was wonderful, special times with family and friends.

The Barbie cake was very special indeed. Every little girl should have a doll dress cake for at least one birthday in their lives, right?  Mia asked for this...  and mom-in-law, sister-in-law, and myself made it!  Very pleased with our handiwork. I'll stick to my day job though. ;-)

Oumi and Skoonsus made the bottom round cake and decorated it.  Oumi and myself did the dress part, making turns to do the buttercream piping, and then I did the final touch of adding the little edible pearls.  Mia was super impressed and very happy with her cake!

 We decorated the entrance onto the patio with a shiny black "curtain", and I cut out Barbie silhouettes and stuck them up all over.

 Birthday girl waiting for her guests. ♥

Jump jump fun!

Our garden was transformed into a pink and black Barbie party, looked so pretty!

I decorated the party packs with ribbon, pearl stickers and cut out the Barbie silhouette pic.

Mom-in-law made the party favours - pink scarves with Barbie silhouette on for the girls, and a plain black scarf for the little boys!

Blowing out her candles ♥

The photobooth activity was a big hit, the kids loved it!

The big people enjoyed it too, hehe ;-) 

Fun was had by all!


  1. Any little (or big) girl's dream party! You guys did a stunning job, Jess.
    Well done! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, it really was super fun indeed!!

  3. That cake looks great Jess. You guys did a fab job. You're right though, every girly needs a doll cake at some point. I remember mine too.
    PS, did you know about those adult gate crashers?

  4. Oh WOW Jess!!! Amazing job well done! Love the cake, the scarves, the decor, ok everything. Maybe one day I'll be able to plan a pink party for one of my granddaughters lol!

    1. Thanks Kim! Hehe yes @ pink party for granddaughters, LOL!!

  5. Wow love the colour theme and the cake.


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