Tuesday, November 12, 2013

16-Week Scan & Gender Reveal!

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant, and I went for a sonar at the gynea.  I took Mia with me, as Wyn had too many meetings on at work - and I wanted Mia to share in the experience, "see" our baby, and hopefully be with me when we find out if it's a girl or a boy!

We waited for over an hour in the doctor's room, which was a bit stressful, Mia played all the games on my tablet and was getting a bit antsy just as we got called in.

First the doc went thru a few things (this is the first time I see her for this pregnancy, as first scan was at the radiology department and 12 week scan was at the foetal assessment centre.) Unfortunately this doc is going for an operation at the beginning of April, and she won't be able to do my birth procedure! I'm bummed about this, as I really wanted to try for a similar experience as I had with Mia.  She said there are two other female gynea's at Kloof who will take over while she is unavailable. I'm unsure how I feel about this, and will chat to Wyn tonight. Maybe it will be better if I start seeing one of the other gynea's immediately and not only at the end...

Back to the scan!
Baby weighs 130g - doc said a little bit smaller than the average, but it's fine, nothing to worry about, quite normal. Got a beautiful view of baby's profile, feet, spine - all perfect!

The doc had to prod and poke my tummy a bit to get baby to move so as to see between the leggies...  And we got a perfect view:

It's a girl!
Mia is getting a baby sister! ♥

I am so happy.  I really didn't mind either way - one of each would have been awesome, but another little girl is so special.  I do feel I'm more of a girly mommy than a lil boy mommy!

So glad we could find out, now can start thinking of the baby room, can sort through all Mia's old clothes, can start thinking of names, yay!

We quickly went to the party shop and bought 3 helium balloons. Got home, fetched my camera, went outside with Mia to take piccies - and before I could even take one snap, a strong gust of wind took the balloons off into the trees and popped them! Oh dear!  Thank goodness I had more pink balloons in a drawer, so could quickly blow more up - poor Mia got such a fright and was very upset.  Just as well I needed pink balloons, as I don't have any blue ones!!

Wyn is very happy too.  He's been guessing it's a girl all along!
Woohoo, bring on the pink shopping!


  1. Awwww, love Mia and the pink balloons, all the pink in the post and the beautiful sonar pic of BabyV2! So happy for the pink shopping and name-picking that can commence now
    So sorry bout the gynae... and good luck with the decision!

    1. Thanks Debs! So chuffed with PINK!
      Holding thumbs for you tho, u'll be such an awesome girly mommy!

    2. Awww thanks Jess, I need some girly baby dust from you :) xx

    3. * ~ * ~ * ~ pink dust * ~ * ~ pink dust * ~ * ~ * ~ pink dust * ~ * ~ * ~

  2. Congrats Jess, wonderful news! I hear you on being a girly mommy. I can only imagine myself being mommy to a boy coz I'm not really a girly girl myself.
    Poor Mia and her balloons.
    Keep us posted

    1. Thanks Helen, so pleased!
      Will definitely do regular updates!


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