Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh So Heavenly Mum & Cherub Products

I am so excited about the new range from Oh So Heavenly, called "Mum & Cherub".  I went crazy in Clicks last week, buying one of everything I saw!

They have a Mum-range, with products like a bath soak, body wash, body lotion, and then the 5 that I bought: a stretch mark crème, bust treatment, body butter, foot and leg spray, and a stretch mark oil.  These products are ALL divine, I love their smell, and I love their affordability!  Oh So Heavenly is a great brand too, as it is against animal testing, and they have such a wide range of goodies.

The main active ingredients in these products are Argan oil, which has a restorative effect on the skin, soothing flower oils, and nourishing Vitamin E and shea butter.

The Baby-range looks fantastic too, I haven't bought any of it yet, but sniffed a few of them - "oh-so-heavenly" is exactly right!  The range includes a soap bar, frothy shampoo, body wash, massage and bath oil, aqueous cream, and a body lotion.  Perfect!

Highly recommended.  Available exclusively at Clicks!

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