Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun times!

Mia and I had a great time visiting my folks in Pietersburg. Special to spend relaxed time with them, and Mia loved all the attention.

She discovered the piano, that belonged to my great-grandmother.  I used to play when I was younger, but stopped with the lessons and didn't ever carry on playing, unfortunately.  I don't think that piano lid has been opened in ten years! It needs to be tuned, but Mia had so much fun making different sounds!

She played in the water fountain at the garden centre, sopping wet and super happy!

We came back home on Friday, and was nice to be back with Wyn, I missed him so much for the two nights we were away! Mia was so good in the car.  She had a nice sleep on our way to P'burg, but didn't sleep at all when we went back home. She watched her dvd player, and amused herself by sticking small jelly teddies on her arm and then eating them off.  Too funny!

On Saturday morning I took Mia to a Lollos concert - this is an Afrikaans kiddies character, that does lots of cute singing and dancing, Mia's liked Lollos since she was one year old, and her 2nd birthday party theme was Lollos too.  She was so excited to go see the real Lollos!

When we were standing in the queue to buy the latest DVD and a Lettie doll, (she already has the Lollos doll), Minki walked past us (she's also one of the main dancers and singers in the show) and Mia smiled and waved excitedly at her, so she stopped to say hi, Mia was so chuffed!

She stared in amazement when Lollos came up on stage, clapped so much, and towards the end she even stood dancing in the aisle.  Lots of fun!


  1. Mooiste fotos! So glad you had a great time in P'burg at at Lollos this weekend! So cute that Minki took the time to say hello to her little fan, just precious!

    1. Ek was eintlik verbaas toe Minki stop om te groet, want sy't haastig gelyk, het dit baie waardeer dat sy aandag gegee het!


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