Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feeling so excited!

It's my favourite time of the year.  The anticipation and excitement for everything that we have lined up for the next two months is huge!
Next week, two exciting things:
  • 16-week scan.  I'm taking Mia with, as Wyn can't get off work that day. Going to be special to share it with Mia! I'm holding thumbs that we'll be able to find out pink or blue, yay!
  • Hair appointment - I can't WAIT to redo my blonde highlights. Summer time - I want super blonde hair now!  Thinking of something like this, although not so short, and minus the fringe:
The week after, it's Mia's graduation ceremony at our Moms&Tots class.  Going to be bittersweet, and supercute!
Then on Friday the 22nd, we leave for our annual holiday at Pine Lake, White River. Can't wait to spend relaxed quality time with my hubby and daughter and preggy belly.
Looking forward to this view:

 When we get back on the 29th, it's just in time to get all my ideas and plans for December in order...  Will do a post soon about all the Christmas traditions I have planned, I am bursting with excitement at the thought!  The one I am most excited about, is "Elf on the Shelf" - I found a gorgeous, perfect lil elf, and am having lots of fun planning his antics!
I adore the magical feeling that surrounds Christmas.  I can't wait for all the twinkly lights, the festive atmosphere, and all the special times it brings.
Christmas will be spent with my parents in Pietersburg.  New Year's Eve with the inlaws in Bethlehem, and then off to the South Coast for the first week of January.  I'm really looking forward to the seaside, my soul has that yearning feeling it gets for the ocean.  Both Wyn and I will celebrate our birthdays having fun in the sun! ;-)

We get back a few days before my brother's wedding.
Wow!  Excited much? Oh yeah!


  1. Yay, pink or blue, it doesn't matter as long at Peanut is healthy.
    I thought you weren't supposed to dye your hair when pregnant? Did I read the wrong book.
    You and I are totally opposite regards Christmas. In our lives it brings family drama, which I can't stand. I would rather burn the tree and forget the dinner. But we are starting to make our own family traditions with Liam. He points the the mince pies in the shops and shouts "FATHER CHRISTMAS EATS THOSE HEY MUM?"
    Can't wait for your pictures, bootiful family

    1. Yes, I don't mind RE pink or blue, either way I'll be super happy!
      No, you didn't read the wrong book, LOL, some books/experts do say to avoid dyeing your hair when pregnant - but seems controversial, lots of others say there's no harm. One thing I've heard is that the pregnancy hormones can cause the dye to not "take" on a pregnant woman's hair, but that's the worst that can happen - it doesn't get absorbed into the body in any way so can't harm baby.
      Aw, that's a pity that Xmas means family drama - but good on you for starting your own family traditions - there are so many awesome ideas of what to do! Will share my list soon, maybe will give you some ideas!

  2. Pine lake looks so awesome and calming...

    Hope you can find out if it's pink or blue ;-)

    The sea just has a magical cleansing effect on the soul. Lovely...

    I have been postponing my hair appointments cause I have no idea what to do with my hair...these days its always in a ponytail...

    I'm with Helen on the Christmas thing with my family, but this year might be a bit more special, Anthony's grandparents are coming from Portugal so we would like to make it really special for them. Unfortanetely we both have to work, but weekends are already filled with plans of lots of special family time :-)

    Love your little traditions you are creating for Mia, she's such a lucky little girl to have a special mommy like you xx

    1. It's so nice to hear from you Natasha, thanks for popping in, I appreciate it! I think about you so often.
      That's awesome that the grandparents are coming from Portugal! Have fun planning everything you can do together!
      Have a good weekend!

  3. Yay, lots of excitement to look forward to!
    So special that Mia is going to go with to the scan - hope baby plays along to reveal if you must shop for pink or blue goodies!
    Also really looking forward to Christmas this side too, what a magical season, also my favourite time of year! Roll on the next few weeks so that we can put u our trees!

    1. Oooh PS. I love that hairstyle and colour - it's going to suit you

    2. I know, also so excited to put the tree up, can't wait!
      Thanks, excited about the new hair, I have to wear headbands every day to hide how badly my hair has grown out, LOL!


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