Monday, April 22, 2013

Paleo Coconut Bread

I haven't had any bread in three weeks - and I really wasn't missing it at all, until our restaurant outing this weekend, and the smell of the fresh bread made my mouth water.

I did a search for Paleo breads, and found quite a few, but most called for almond flour, and I didn't feel like having to go to the shops for ingredients - then I came across this coconut bread one and realised I have most of the ingredients, yay!

Find the recipe here.

My alterations:
 - I didn't have enough desiccated coconut, so I had to halve the recipe
 - I didn't use any honey as it's not Reboot-friendly - but will definitely add the honey next time, it definitely had 'something' missing
 - I just used my stick blender to refine the coconut a little bit - would have been better with a proper food processor to make it more flour-like.
 - Due to only making half the recipe, my breadloaf tin was too big - so I improvised and put the batter into my muffin tin!
 - The cooking time was a lot faster in the muffin tin, about 25 minutes in total

It really came out surprisingly well - I love the coconut flavour - I served mine with macadamia nut butter - really delicious that way!  It's a little bit bland, but I think the honey would have made up for that.  And for someone bread-deprived - it was a winner! 

Will definitely make this again - who needs garlic bread at a braai when you can have coconut bread!


  1. YUM!! Am going to remember this one for my next reboot! Love that you put them in a muffin tin :)

    1. Definitely try this with your next Reboot, it makes a super nice snack or even a meal option!
      Hehe, the muffin thing worked well, and the whole mindset of "oooooh I'm having a cupcake" was divine!

  2. Yummo! I'm definitely going to make it when I do reboot! I think adding a banana might just do the trick to give it some sweetness!


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