Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Too much of busy!

Gosh, there really are too few hours in a day.

I have a to-do list as long as my arm, and when I look at it, I just shudder and carry on procrastinating.  I really need to get over this bad habit and manage my time better!

Today I made a small dent in my to-do list: I went to the bank to deposit a cheque payment from last week, I bought a new iron, I phoned the dentist for Wyn's appt, the oral hygienist for my appt, I confirmed my appt for Saturday's eyeliner touch-up, and I made a hairdresser appointment for me for Thursday (at last! The last two I made, I had to cancel due to clients!)

However, the BIG things on my to-do list - like sorting out my clothing cupboards for winter and tidying the study shelves... I've been putting them off for weeks.  I really must commit to finish these tasks this weekend.

I get so behind in my business' admin - mostly because I work from home, which means that when Celia is not here to look after Mia, I'm with her all the time, and when Celia IS here to look after Mia, I either have clients, or I go to the gym, or have errands to run in town.  Yes, Mia does sleep... And in that time I love to procrastinate, hehehe.  Priority to catch up on FB and my fave blogs! ;-)

Time management, I guess that's the secret...
No use having "look at to-do list" at the top of my To Do List, and not doing anything about it, oops!


  1. Yuckity-yuck... I so know what you mean with being too busy and not getting to everything. It's easy to say "all on it's own time", but it's not always nice knowing there's stuff to do... xx

    1. My head feels a bit crazy sometimes, with all my "remember to do this" thoughts running around!!

  2. I totally relate!

    I saw a pic on FB this week that said if a man wants to understand what its like to be a woman they should imagine an internet browser with 2536 (or some such number) tabs open ... ALL the time!! :-) And that's exactly how I feel most days ... so much to remember ...

  3. Hehehe, that's such a good comparison, I must remember that!


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