Friday, December 20, 2013

21 Week Scan! ♥

I had a wonderful scan on Wednesday. I wish I could be permanently hooked to one of those ultrasound to see baby sister whenever!

The doc did a really nice detailed scan. Measuring her brain, showing us her heart - could see the separate chambers beautifully, fluid in her kidneys, stretched out chilling on her tummy, open fingers, little feet pressing against me... So special and precious!

She weighs about 370g, which is 30g smaller than Mia was at the same scan.

I'm seeing a different doctor for my January appointment, Dr Grassie.  Hopefully I'll feel comfortable with her, and will then continue seeing her for the rest of my pregnancy, and she can handle the birth, seeing as Dr Laker is going for an op and will be unavailable in April.  I feel better about doing it this way, than only meeting the new doctor right at the end.

I'm loving the kicks, and felt hiccups for the first time this week, precious!  Wyn could feel her for the first time too.  Mia's not patient enough, she puts her hand on my tummy for a few seconds and then reckons yes, she felt the baby! ;-)



  1. So fabulous that everything is still going well and oh so wow that Wyn and Mia could feel the movements now too! She's such a cutie and love the perfect-looking spine!
    Oh my gosh, such a small world! Such an unusual name, so I remembered her, Dr Grassie is my friend (and previous MD)'s gynae who helped her through an eptopic pregnancy and miscarriage and then her daughter Madison's birth 5 years ago. I remember Moira adored her and I heard she is really good! I hope you will be happy with her too!

    1. Thanks Debs!
      Oh wow, how cool that you've heard of Dr Grassie, this is good to know, thanks. Looking forward to meeting her, also hope I'll be happy with her, will keep you posted!


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