Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Crafts & Holiday Fun!

We've been baking up a storm, making salt-dough decorations, making Xmas cards, and going on fun outings. We've been busy bodies, I must admit I am exhausted - tomorrow we go to my folks for a couple of days, and am looking forward to vegging on the couch!

We've done a batch up cupcakes, and 3 batches of cookies already - and counting! Mia loves rolling the dough and decorating the cookies. It does make quite a mess in the kitchen, but hey, the fun is more important!

For the Melting Moments, I've been using this recipe:
       250g butter
       4 tablespoons icing sugar
       4 tablespoons custard powder
       1.5 cups plain flour

       Cream butter and icing sugar until pale and fluffy. Add rest of ingredients slowly until all combined. Roll into balls, working quickly so mixture remains cool. Refrigerate uncooked biscuits for a few minutes so they hold their shape when cooked. (I didn't do this the last time, they still turned out fine!) With a fork, press down to flatten tops slightly.
Bake at 150 for 15-20 minutes.

Optional: Can ice biscuits once cooled.
Can decorate before baking, with vermicelli, cherries, smarties, etc.

Mia has her own small baking pan, which is so cute to use, and she rolls the cookies into her own "balls" without messing mine up. ;-)
My favourite decorated ones, are the ones that she put some red icing on, and then some raw cookie dough on top! So funny and precious!

Salt-dough decorations:
The same as last year's ones we made - see the post here.
Once again, we did them over a couple of days, first baking them, then painting them the next day, then glitter the next day, etc. Very cute and special!

Xmas cards:
There are so many ideas to be found on Pinterest, for ways to make cards with kiddies. I chose these candy cane ones, coz I love how personalised it is when it's Mia's fingerprint.  These were quite quick to do too - bargain!

Holiday Fun:
I took Mia to the movies for the first time today!  What a special mother-daughter outing, I loved it so much.  She kept calling it "going to a concert". We got popcorn, smarties and slush puppy to share, and our 3D glasses for the movie. We watched 'Frozen' - a supercute animated movie. Mia loved it! She watched the whole movie, just a couple of times asking questions or talking loudly, and at the sad part when all was quiet, she could be heard sobbing, be still my heart! We got one of the "love seats" in the movie theatre, so that we could snuggle together - perfect.  I look forward to a lifetime of movies on the big screen with my big girl! ♥


  1. WOW tons of fun, you sure have been busy bees! Love the sound and look of those cookies, yum yum! Tree decorations and cards looks super cute too and I adored the magic candy cane thingy you posted on your FB too!
    Glad you guys had fun at the movies, such a special outing!
    Have a good trip tomorrow! xx

    1. Thanks Debs, busy bees deluxe!
      The candy cane was lots of fun, it deserves its own post that i'll do later!
      Mwah mwah


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