Monday, December 9, 2013

Elf on the Shelf - the first couple of days!

 * * A Christmas tradition: The elf comes to stay from the 1st-24th of December, to see if children are naughty or good. He reports to Santa Claus! He sits on a shelf during the day, observing. At night, he gets up to all sorts of things in the house, and children can then look for him in the morning and enjoy his antics! * *
Day 1: The Elf arrived nearby the front door, on a reindeer, with a prezzie for Mia.  Mia was quite weary of him, not too keen on going too close to him, but very pleased about getting a lil prezzie.
Day 2:  The Elf went for a ride down the staircase bannister!  I asked Mia to think of a name for him, suggesting to her, Jack the Elf, Jolly, or Jingles. She said, "No... His name is... Robin!"  Our Elf is named after Robin Hood. ;-)
Day 3:  Robin the Elf was doing one of Mia's puzzles!  She's starting to get used to the concept and wasn't so weary of him today.
Day 4:  Robin had tea in the Sylvanian Family house!  Mia loved this.  It's in her room, and she noticed as soon as she woke up, and was amazed. :-)
Day 5:  Decorated a pot plant with some Christmassy tinsel!
Day 6:  Robin the Elf had a marshmallow bath.  Mia giggled at this, and proceeded to eat all the marshmallows before her breakfast!
Day 7: Reading a book to some friends!
Day 8: Robin was making himself some Nespresso coffee!
Day 9: The Elf took a toy dog for a walk with Nala's leash.
This is where Robin the Elf sits during the day: up on the shelf, next to Mia's advent calendar house.


  1. Replies
    1. You must Helen! It's fun for me to stage him, and so fun to see Mia's face!

  2. I started this with Matthew but our Elf (Mouse hehehe) just sits on our tree. I'm not sure how to go about setting up his antics without him being in a position where Matt can touch him.
    But I LOVE what you've done so far! Clever Mommy!

    1. Oh cute @ your Elf being a Mouse, hehe.
      I don't set his antics up in a position where he's out of reach for Mia, I set him up wherever. Then Mia looks for him in the morning, has a giggle at it all, and then I take the Elf back to the shelf.
      It's fun!

  3. Jess you are just the most amazing mom, Robin is awesome! Thank you for the inspiration for next year :) I am sure Mia is loving her elf on the shelf. xx

    1. You must definitely do this next year, it's so much fun for me to set up his antics, fun to take the photo, and so cute to see Mia's face in the morning when she finds him!


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