Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pine Lake Holiday 2013

As usual, Pine Lake Resort was wonderful.  I don't know if it's the dark curtains, the fresh air, or what - but Mia sleeps like a dream there, until like 8h30 in the morning. What a treat! So we got to sleep in every morning, have a lie-down every afternoon, and had a braai every evening (except one night when we went out for dinner.) Bliss! Exactly how a holiday should be.

The weather didn't play along - out of the 7 days, we had 2 days of proper sunshine where we could swim and be outside.  We had one rainy day. And the other days were overcast, some of them even quite chilly. But, didn't bother us too much, we went out to some shops, to the mall, played putt-putt, and watched Barbie movies with Mia. ;-)

I'll let the piccies tell the rest of the story.  This is truly a special week for us, where we just enjoy being together, relaxing and switching off.

Cutest lil body in her swimming cozzie
The water was divine. We really enjoyed this.
Wearing mom's shoes, smelling flowers
Love my girl
The reason why Mia calls this place, "The Ducky Holiday"
Numerous trips every day down to the water and back up again! ;-)
Drying off in the sun after our swim
Mia loved the water
Melted chocolate - heaven!
Mia played putt-putt with us.  Well, she tried to. Lost interest pretty quickly!
The stream was more interesting than the putt-putt game
Mid-swim snack!
Family ♥


  1. Such a lovely, peaceful and beautiful place by the looks of it. Perfect for the most super-special, quality family-time! So glad you had a great time together - just loved looking at all the pictures and can truly see all the fun and special times you guys had! xx

    1. Thanks Debs! Peaceful and beautiful describes it exactly right. Thanks for looking at pics!

  2. This time next year there will be another little body in your family pics. Such precious times, you guys are fab. LOL at the Ducky holiday. Good how they relate to an experience.
    Hugs Jess

    1. Ooooh you're right, I also kept thinking about how next year this time we'll have a 7-month old baba with us!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for popping in here Megan, appreciate it so much!

  4. What a peaceful and relaxing looking holiday! Mia is just gorgeous!! xx


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