Monday, December 16, 2013

Liggiefees at the Jakaranda Kinderhuis

Tonight we went to look at all the Christmas lights at the Jakaranda Kinderhuis in Pretoria.  It's stunning!!  They decorated all their houses with millions of lights, so pretty and festive.  They had food stalls, we had yummy curry and rice, very delish.  I bought Mia some bunny ears that light up, but then she didn't want them on, so I wore them. ;-)

I think it's such a fantastic funds-raising initiative, and something the whole family can enjoy.  We'll definitely do this every year!  It's quite a walk, luckily we had comfy shoes on.

Highly recommend it, if you live in Gauteng!  Get more info on their website or their Facebook page.

Really put me in a festive mood! :-)


  1. What a special, festive evening of fun!
    I'm always envious of how the overseas people decorate their houses with lots of lights and decorations on the outside.

    1. I know, I also said to Wyn, imagine, in America they really have streets decorated with so many lights. It's so festive!


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