Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some more Elf on the Shelf antics!

Robin the Elf has been up to all sorts of fun in our house.  Mia wakes up most mornings with a, "let's see what the Elf has been up to!"
Day 10:  The Elf painted one of Mia's salt-dough decorations that she made!
 Day 11:  He picked a flower in the garden for Mia
Day 12: Robin the Elf decided to be part of the nativity scene!
Day 13: Messing with Nala's dog pellets
Day 14: The Elf was playing games on the tablet!
Day 15:  Mia was away overnight, and the Elf slept in her bed!
Day 16: Robin the Elf brought Mia a prezzie: a Xmas story book
Day 17: He was wrapping some presents, and got a lil bit wrapped up himself!


  1. Sooo cute! Love the antics Robin is up to, Mia must be loving it too xx

    1. She has been enjoying it, laughing and giggling at him!


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