Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mia's First School Holiday

Mia had her first school holiday last week.  Unfortunately, she caught a cold, and her holiday was spent quietly at home, with two visits to the doctor, and not all the outings to movies, dairy farm, ice-cream etc that I had planned! 

It was still a special week, with lots of snuggles and cuddles watching movies on the couch.  Mia enjoyed dressing up like a pirate the one day. ;-) She made her own sandwiches - sort of, hehe.  We visited my dad a couple of times during the week, and popped in at my grandfather on the weekend.

Luckily she didn't seem to feel physically sick, just a whole lot of sinus-type post nasal drip going on.  I've kept her home from school for two days now, but I feel she's ready to go back tomorrow.  She's getting quite bored at home!  I've enjoyed the extra two days to sleep-in a bit though, must admit. ;-)

Following on from my post a while ago about Mia's disobedience and defiance - I think that was just an exceptionally bad week, as since then it hasn't ever been quite as bad for me to handle.  Still a few occasions that she tries to push the limits, but I think with both Wyn and I being more firm with her so that she understands what we say goes, it has been easier.

I'm so aware of how little time is left for me to give all my time to Mia, but trying hard to shift my mind-set, it's not mourning her loss of being an only child, it's celebrating the joy of getting a sibling!  We're focussing on that. :-)



  1. Aw sucks that Mia got sick. Never nice when they're not feeling well. But glad you had fun together and could enjoy those snuggles, I miss those.
    I feel you on the defiance and disobedience. I have no clue how to handle Matthew anymore. :( But we will get through this. Glad things are better with Mia and I need to adopt your attitude, it's not mourning it's celebrating! Thanks Jess!

  2. Precious little girl! Sorry she was sick for her first school holiday, I am glad she is feeling better now. xx

  3. Poor little child, to be sick during the holidays. I am glad to hear that things are going easier on the defiance front. All children need to test every so often, and maybe she has tested and settled? I love your positive attitude.

  4. Such sweet photos of your gorgeous Mia. So sorry she was sick, but glad you guys have lots of cuddle time! xx

  5. Blegh on being sick. Liam has croup at the moment, but like you say, not physically ill, just barking like a dog, hehe.
    Was wondering how your Dad has been. Think of him every now and then.
    I wish I could be more firm, but I also think that DH needs to stand behind me. He tends to leave me and Liam to our own fights instead of supporting me. This must change
    Stunning pics of a beautiful family

  6. Both Munchkin and Sweetpea were sick during the holidays and Sweetpea is still sick and heading off to the doc today after school. We were going to keep her home but she insisted on going and started crying ... saying that daddy cant take her to the doctor AFTER school :-) So since she's not running a fever or anything hubby caved :-)
    Love the pics! Mia is such a cutey :-)


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